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Resonance is a story whose main characters are Buddhist temple bells; primitive objects that function as instruments, memorials, timekeepers, and during wartime, ammunition.

The Resonance soundtrack features performers from both America and Japan, and instrumentation changes during the film depending on who has possession of the bell at different times in the story.  Japanese instrumentation of taiko drums, shakuhachi flute, and koto meld into Western melodies played on banjo, cello, acoustic guitar and violin.

Pervading the entire film and accompanying original recordings for the film score are field recordings of the actual bells whose stories featured in the film.  From Ohara’s Choe-ji bell cast in 1686, to Shizuoka’s Myoukei-ji bell cast in 1823, the sound of each different bell helps to acquaint viewers with the rich tones of a bronze temple bell, as well as create an intimate understanding of the object.



Performers include:
• Kogen Taiko
• Tadashi Tajima
• Zach Kline
• Spaghetti Western String Co.
• James Moors
• Hirayama-san
• Joe Schriener