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Initial research for Resonance began in early 2005 and was, at first, focused on the Duluth/Ohara bell story. At that time, all that was known was that in 1947 the city of Duluth received a temple bell, returned it in 1954, and became sister cities with Ohara, Japan in 1990.  We eventually learned that this bell was just the first of many.

Hundreds of veterans from the USS Duluth were contacted to find information about the bell that the ship had brought back from the war.  Through their first-hand accounts, the time period came to life.  During these interviews, the project also became aware of other temple bells taken during WWII.

After a few more months of research, the personal stories of other bells and other cities began to unfold and a larger story emerged.  With support from the Japan Foundation, the project shifted into gear and conducted production trips to: Japan, England, Okinawa, and numerous locations in North America.

During a production trip to Japan, NHK Tokyo broadcast a six-minute program about the film in May of 2006.  Following that episode, rare, primary source footage was acquired from participants across the country.

Participants from the Topeka, Kansas bell story were interviewed, and after much research, a film focusing on only two of the many bell stories emerged.

The film is now in its final stages with Square Lake Productions & Tallgrass Tales, seeking additional funding support and screening opportunities.